• You know you'd be an asset to an organization...but you fear your nerves might derail your message.

  • You want to put your best foot forward, but talking about yourself feels 'braggy'.

  • You want to stay true to yourself, but you tell them what you think they want to hear.

  • You’re not sure how to actually prepare for an interview - besides reading through lists of commonly asked questions.

  • You’re tired of leaving a career conversation feeling like you’ve let yourself down.

Walk in the room knowing your worth

- and that they're about to know it, too.


  • You channeled your nerves and projected enthusiasm for the opportunity.

  • You could clearly see the professional path before you - and how this job fits in.

  • You knew the unique value you'd bring to an organization - and how to communicate it.

  • You developed a customized interview prep plan that you knew exactly how to follow.

  • You left the room knowing you gave - and got - the information needed to make the right decision.

Interview with Intention is for you when...

You are a nurse, healthcare pro, or young professional who is ready to uplevel your career, and you're looking for some guidance. You are genuinely interested in professional development and see a job as more than a paycheck. You know you are capable of making an impact, and you want others to know it too. Straight up: you’re a go-getter with a touch of Imposter Syndrome. #wecanbeboth

Hi, I'm Dr. Claire Phillips.

Nurse Leader. Healthcare Change Specialist. Your future coach.

If you’re anything like me, you know our world needs some serious work - and you’re ready to get started. You know that anyone can make a difference - but also, access and authority helps. You want a course + coach you can trust to take your interview skills to the next level. You’ve got big hopes for your career and the future of your industry, and there isn’t time to waste… I get it. And I am here to support you.
Claire has long brown hair, red lips, and is sitting smiling at the camera.

The Curriculum

Interview with Intention is a work-at-your-own-pace workshop style course. Together, we'll walk through 7 steps to uncovering and communicating your professional identity with ease. At the end, you'll walk away ready to rock - and have a comprehensive professional portfolio to prove it.

    1. Welcome Video [8 mins]

    2. Course Tour [7 mins]

    3. Download your Portfolio - Fillable PDF

    4. Download your Portfolio - To Print

    5. Pre-Course Survey [5 mins]

    6. Setting Our Intentions [10 mins]

    7. Course Feedback Box

    1. Master Your Mindset [30 mins]

    1. Dissecting the Interview [16 mins]

    2. Quiz: Interview Stages [5 mins]

    1. Increase Your Self Awareness - Part 1 [5-15 mins]

    2. Increase Your Self Awareness - Part 2 [30 mins]

    1. Prepare for their Questions [3 mins]

    2. Organization Investigation [15 mins]

    3. Core 4 Stories [30 mins]

    4. Strengths + Opportunities [25 mins]

    5. Category Identification Practice [10 mins]

    1. Prepare Your Questions [20 mins]

Land the job of your dreams with less hustle and hassle.

  • $197.00
  • Professional Development Portfolio
  • Lifelong professional resource
  • 7 Modules

Hear from the Graduates!

“I came in to this course with a pretty high confidence level and history of interview success, but as I pivot into a new role, I wanted to give myself every opportunity to succeed in the job market. I did not anticipate how educational, impactful, and affirming this course would be. My first interview today went great and I was complimented by the panel. But even if I am not selected, I know that I went in prepared to the best of my ability and with a level of confidence that was actually supported by my interview performance. ”

Kati, RN

“Even if you are comfortable and familiar with the interview process, this course will break it down to the fundamentals for you and change your perspective. This course helped me to frame my professional story, develop skills to truly discover alignment in any future job, and move forward in my profession with confidence and intention. ”

Shelby, RN

“The IWI Course helped me gain clarity, focus, and confidence in my ability to get a job that is aligned with my ultimate professional goals. Claire's approach deconstructs and demystifies the interview process and prepared me to speak proudly about my experience, skills, and professional achievements. Taking this course helped me feel ready to move forward in my nursing journey!”

“This course was so helpful to me, and I am so thankful I signed up for it before my upcoming interview. I feel so much more prepared and confident than I would have preparing on my own. I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs help prepping for an interview.”

Sarah, RN

“This course exceeded interview preparation expectations. I have not interviewed in ten years, in which I have completed several certifications and degrees. This course helped organize my thoughts and responses to best describe myself, but also how to inquire if a job aligns with my professional and family goals. Thanks to this course, I feel more than ready and actually looking forward to the interview process. ”


  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Once you purchase, you get this course for LIFE. Interview with Intention will be a professional resource for you for a lifetime.

  • I’m in a time crunch. How much time will the course take?

    You can get through the course with full engagement in a weekend. Depending on your speed, you could complete the course in 4-6 hours.

  • Is this course specific to landing a healthcare job?

    Not at all. I specifically designed this course to be transdisciplinary. I believe organizations are made stronger when they have a diversity of perspectives at the table - and this includes diversity of professional background. This course is for anyone looking to land a position of impact.

  • Is this a course on how to negotiate salary?

    We absolutely cover how to negotiate pay throughout various stages of the interview process. This is a key part of intentional interviewing! Additionally, there is a bonus interview with a finance expert who teaches about salary + benefit considerations specific to nurses + NPs.

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